A poem by Artemis Gannon

Before the times we truly know,
Extant tales tell of two cities.

Gomorrah and Sodom were sinned lands,
And were destroyed under fiery wrath.
Yet a stone wall still stands.

Daring to deny the unjust judge,
Overt and riotous.

Cast yourself against the stone wall,
Revel in its power!
It is our legacy, it sheltered us.
Make known that this is our Age of Sin!
Expand past the shadow of the wall.
Sodom survives in us, the righteous.

This month, I figured I’d experiment with trying to do one of the internet’s favorite poetic forms, the acrostic, played entirely sincerely. Be gay, do crimes.

Thank you to all my patrons! Who have deemed fit to support my writing over at https://www.patreon.com/TheBearQueen. You all give me the drive to keep writing and fill my heart with joy that I’m being read.

Special thanks go out to Aurynn Shaw and Icon! ❤

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