A Poem By Artemis Gannon

There is a warmth in my fingertips
From where you held my hand
A gentle thaw of frozen flesh
Numbed nerves
deadened from cold
sing as they stir
and suddenly
Thawed enough that they know
that they have been frozen
My fingertips hurt with a harm called hope
Helplessly hungering for warmth
that they have only now learned they lack

I am happy
to know that I am sad.

Thank you, dearest.

Happy Pride everyone! I decided I would honor the month with a love poem, this time. Because I am super super gay. As luck would have it, today (June 27th) is PTSD Awareness Day here in the states. Which is quite appropriate given my struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are a major influence on this piece, as well as my short story “Reprise” which is also on this blog.

Thank you to all my patrons! Who have deemed fit to support my writing over at https://www.patreon.com/TheBearQueen. You all give me the drive to keep writing and fill my heart with joy that I’m being read.

Special thanks go out to Aurynn Shaw and Icon! ❤

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